Mountain Red is the ONLY TGA AUST L Listed Deer Velvet Antler with BSCG Sports Certification


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Having worked with New Zealand deer for over 30 years, the Morley family established Mountain Red in 2002, with a clear vision to produce the best 100% natural, premium quality Deer Velvet Antler available in the world. All velvet used is sourced from fully accredited New Zealand deer farms.

Mountain Red are leading suppliers of Deer Velvet Antler (DVA) based in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

Mountain Red supplies the world’s highest quality, 100% natural Deer Velvet Antler to support the health and well being of people across the globe. We are now the only company producing a full strength (500mg) pure DVA product that is manufactured under GMP and that has an Australian AUST L listing as a therapeutic product, demonstrating that the finished product meets the standards required by the Australian Regulatory Body in terms of quality and safety.